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MP Chris Philp campaigns to stop Croydon's planning blight

MP Chris Philp raises concerns about Croydon Council's planning decisions and asks us to join him.

"For some time, Croydon’s Labour-run council has been granting planning permissions indiscriminately. Over 90% of all applications are getting approved by the Planning Committee. In particular, they are routinely allowing family housing to be destroyed and replaced with small blocks of flats. Neighbouring Boroughs Bromley and Sutton do not allow this. We do need more homes, but blocks of flats should go on brownfield sites and in Croydon town centre. Buildings like the old Royal Mail building next to East Croydon station are derelict, and you could build hundreds of flats on that site. The council would then have no reason to destroy houses in suburban areas, which changes the character of the area and removes much-needed homes for families. They should not destroy any family homes until all the brownfield sites in the Borough have been used – which we are at least 10 years away from doing. It is time for the council to stop destroying family homes and pursue a Brownfield First policy.

One way to make planning decisions more accountable would be to have local “Area Planning Committees” where you divide Croydon up into three areas (say, north, central and south) and only councillors that area sit on its planning committee and decide for smaller applications – say less than 50 units – in that area. At the moment, councillors from distant parts of Croydon who do not understand our area decide applications in our neighbourhood – often imposing very bad schemes. Many other councils including the London Boroughs of Kingston and Barnet, and Wiltshire and Durham amongst others have Area Planning Committees. Croydon should have Area Planning Committees too.

It is time for us to stand up to the council on behalf of residents across the Borough and demand change. Please join me as our local MP by taking the following steps:

  1. Sign a petition here calling for the council to stop destroying family homes (instead pursuing a “Brownfield First” policy) and calling for Area Panning Committees:
  2. There is currently a review of Croydon Council’s Governance run by Dame Moira Gibb. Please email her directly explaining your views about how the council currently handles planning applications (i.e. often ignores residents etc) and asking Dame Moira to recommend Area Planning Committees in Croydon. Her email address is: [email protected] Please do cc me.
  3. Tell the people responsible for planning in Croydon how angry we are about what they are doing. Email them directly at:
  4. Do cc me as well.
  5. Attend a demonstration at the Full council meeting on the steps of the Town Hall on Monday 1st April from 600pm-630pm and then the council meeting afterwards in the public gallery of the Council Chamber. From around 830pm onwards planning will be debated and Area Planning Committees will be proposed and voted on. The Town Hall address is: Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX

What the council is doing is totally unacceptable. Please join this campaign to stop them."

Sanderstead Library Poetry Competition

The theme for our poetry competition is "Fantastic Beasts and Animals". Enter the following age categories 6-8, 9-11, 12-16 and adults. Please pick up an entry form from the library. All entries must be handed in to the library by Saturday 13 April. The winning entry from each age category will receive a voucher donated by Sanderstead Residents Association.

Red Box Project

The Red Box Project is a project that is trying to end period poverty by collecting sanitary products that are distributed to local schools as a way to help girls who are unable to attend school during their period as they can't access sanitary products. From Sunday 3 February they began a collection at St Mary's Church, Purley Oaks Road, Sanderstead CR2 0NY.

If anyone would like to drop off donations the best time would be Thursdays 10.45-12.00 or Sundays 11.00-12.00.

If anyone would like to donate money the easiest way is via their Just Giving page on

For more information see the facebook page for the Red Box Project in Croydon: Or the website on

Sanderstead Clinic

Re SANDERSTEAD CLINIC. Official statement

We continually review our estate to make the best use of all of our premises to provide the best, most accessible and most efficient service we can to our patients.  There are no agreed plans to close Sanderstead Clinic which is an important part of our estate and sees 4,500 patients a year.

Our ongoing review includes how we utilise some of the empty clinic space in Purley War Memorial Hospital which is 2 miles away from Sanderstead and provides a range of services including minor injuries and minor illnesses.  Early conversations have begun to see what additional services, like physiotherapy or speech & language therapy, could move in to Purley to make this a central part of our care for people in the south of the borough but this does not mean changes at Sanderstead would have to happen.

At this stage we are only looking at what is possible. No decisions have been made and there would be no movement of services without a clear explanation to local people.

Planning application for 12 The Ridge Way

The latest planning application to affect Sanderstead residents is for No. 12 The Ridge Way to be demolished and replaced by NINE apartments. This may be viewed on the Council`s on-line planning register and clicking on `Planning Applications`. Enter the reference 18/05896/FUL to view the proposal.

Full details of the objections to this proposal can be downloaded here

Consutation on changes 403 bus route

TFL are asking for comments on proposed changes to the 403 bus route among others. See the message below and respond by 13th January 2019.

We would like your views on proposed changes to bus routes 50, 75, 109, 154, 197, 250, 264, 403, 405, 412 & 433 serving Croydon town centre.

We are proposing these bus routes terminate on the side of the town centre from which they approach, so they would no longer cross the town centre.

These proposed changes would help maintain reliability of services in Croydon by making the bus network simpler and more efficient, and would ensure our resources are invested in the right locations. They would also ensure the impact on bus operations, potentially arising from the construction works in the town centre, is minimised. Customers who would need to interchange to reach their destination could do so within one hour without additional charge using the Hopper fare.

We are keen to hear your views on how these proposed changes could impact on you, and if you have any specific comments or suggestions.

For full details and to share your views, please visit:

Barrowsfield planning application


A planning application has been lodged for a 4/5 storey block of 33 flats in Sanderstead Village. The proposal is for the site at 2-5 Barrowsfield, which is right next to Sanderstead Recreation Ground, opposite Yew Tree Court and the Shell petrol station. Whilst accepting that we need more homes, the Sanderstead Residents Association (SRA) has a number of serious concerns:

  • The proposal for 33 homes on this site is over-intensive – with the proposed density more than 8 times the average in this suburban area and exceeding the Mayor of London’s maximum density for even far more centralised urban locations.
  • The area has been identified as not appropriate for intensification as stated by The Planning Inspector, in his report dated January 2018, confirming Sanderstead’s public transport level was one of the lowest in London.
  • The building design is poor and fails to respect the historic character of the village buildings along this western side of Limpsfield Road, nor the green and open character of Sanderstead Recreation Ground.
  • The height and massing of the building is inappropriate and overbearing for the unique setting of Sanderstead and the local amenities.
  • The demolition of existing family homes including 2/3 Barrowsfield, which is a historical Edwardian country style property and one of the oldest remaining buildings in Sanderstead.
  • Parking provision is inadequate - the shortfall of resident’s spaces within the scheme (75 bedrooms and 26 parking spaces) with no visitor parking provided will inevitably lead to more pressure on already stressed parking, especially at school times.

View the flyer for more information and pictures

Poppies for Remembrance

Poppies for remembrance are now displayed all around Sanderstead in the run up to Remembrance Sunday on November 11th. This year we are remembering 100 years since the signing of the armistice on November 11th 1918. 100 poppies have been bought by the Sanderstead Residents' Association with a donation of £300 to the Royal Britsh Legion, this amount has been match funded by our local Councillors, and we have also passed on a donation for £100 from Sandersteads Removals, and a further small sum in donations from local residents, for which we are very grateful. 7.11.18

Update on Sanderstead pond

Councillor Yvette Hopley writes, "Sadly the Sanderstead Residents’ Association noticeboard and notices around Sanderstead pond were vandalised last week. What the public probably don’t know is that the area is currently infested with rats. Poison has been put down to try to bring the numbers down but with the warm weather, water and current food supply from residents feeding the ducks the problem has become an environmental health problem.

The council as a matter of urgency put up metal signs at the pond and also laminated posters on the trees and bench to try to persuade residents to stop feeding the ducks whilst they deal with this worrying situation. Huge rats have been seen scurrying along the pathways and around the Gruffy and in the vegetation at the pond. This is only a temporary measure until the infestation is brought under control.

I thought it was worth informing you of the dangers of contracting Weil’s disease.

Weil's disease is a form of a bacterial infection also known as Leptospirosis that is carried by animals, most commonly in rats and cattle. It can be caught by humans through contact with rat or cattle urine, most commonly occurring through contaminated fresh water. Although human infection in the UK is minimal it is still worth taking some preventative measures to decrease the possibility of contracting it.

Lots of young and elderly people enjoy this pleasant beauty spot and as a matter of public safety these measures have had to be taken. I would hate for anyone to become seriously ill as a result of not taking action with the council." 1.11.18

SRA Questions the 20 MPH limit

The Sanderstead Residents Association made the front page of the Croydon Advertiser (South edition) with an article questioning the value of the new 20 mph speed limit now imposed on many roads in the south of the borough. Follow this link to read the whole article on the Croydon Advertiser website.

Feeding the birds on Sanderstead Pond

Anyone passing Sanderstead pond on the Gruffy lately will have noticed that it has become covered in green/brown algae. The Community conservation officer from Croydon Council has visited the pond and reports: "I have been to site and looked at pond, there is a large amount of bread floating in the pond which causes the brown algae to grow – this will not harm the ducks but is bad news for the pond. I also noted a large number of rats on site, I know this has already been reported but given the surrounding of the pond it is very difficult to establish rat traps. The reason the pond looks this bad is because of people feeding the ducks with bread in combination with a very hot and dry summer. The best course of action is to stop feeding for the time being or if so then with special waterfowl food, which can be bought in pet shops."

Changes to waste and recycling collections

Croydon Council is making changes to the waste collections across the borough in a bid to increase our recycling.

"We want Croydon to be one of the cleanest and greenest boroughs in the country so we’ve committed to recycling more of the waste we currently send to landfill. Over 70% of all Croydon’s household waste is recyclable through the current collection systems but we currently have a recycling rate of just 38%. One reason for this is that the recycling boxes are too small and the general waste bins are too big. This results in a lot of waste that could be recycled going into the landfill bin. By increasing the amount of space for recycling and limiting the amount of space for general waste we can encourage people to recycle more of their waste and stop them from putting recyclable waste into the general waste bins. We want to boost recycling to over 50% within two years."

Roadshows will be travelling around the borough giving information about the changes. It will come to Sanderstead on Thursday 26th July from noon to 5pm, outside Waitrose on the Limpsfield Road

See this poster about the roadshows, and this document gives more information and some faqs about the process.

New signs in King's Wood

Sanderstead Residents' Association and our local Councillors have arranged for smart new signs to be erected in the entrances to King's Wood in Sanderstead.

King's Wood Sign

Royal British Legion poppies on lampposts

This year we are commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War and the Royal British Legion will be launching their "Thank You Movement" on the 8th August to run through 100 days until Armistice Day on Sunday 11th November. They are inviting members of the public to say "Thank You" to all those who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

Coming soon! Sanderstead Residents' Association will join the movement by placing poppies on lampposts in Sanderstead Village, beside the Gruffy and War Memorial, by Elmfield Way Shops, Sanderstead Station Shopping Parade and Hamsey Green shopping parade.

SRA are sponsoring the cost of the poppies.

Sanderstead Memorial Hall

You may be aware of Sanderstead Memorial Hall on Purley Oaks Road. It was built as a tribute to the men and women who died or served their country in the First World War. The hall was opened in June 1922 by Vice Admiral A.F.B. Carpenter VC of Zeebrugge fame. The Sanderstead Hall Association was formed in 1923 to manage the hall. The hall is used as a facility for residents of Sanderstead and, subject to availability and proposed use, may be hired. It is used on a regular basis for various activities by several groups. These include: The Cavat School of Dance, Castle Day Nursery, Dog Training Class, Beeches Badminton Club, Sanderstead Hall Badminton Club.

We are looking for volunteers to join our small committee. The duties are not onerous as we have an excellent Business Manager, Caroline Hubbard, who manages the hall on a daily basis. The small, volunteer committee meet twice a year to review the management of the hall and any refurbishments necessary. If you are a resident of Sanderstead and interested in finding out more please contact: Caroline Hubbard on 07775 680087 or Malcolm Saunders on 020 8657 1795. Malcom Saunders

45 The Ridge Way, planning application

Another planning application has been lodged for demolition of a single family dwelling to be replaced by a three storey block of 9 flats. Residents in the Ridge Way are alarmed that this is not in keeping with the area. Full details of the application and the opportunity to comment can be found here.

South East Cancer Help Centre

The SECHC was one of the recipients of a grant from the Sanderstead Residents' Association at out AGM in May.

The South East Cancer Help Centre is a registered charity which supports patients and their family members who have been affected by cancer in the last three years. Our mission is to provide complementary therapies, information and group support and other therapeutic activities which will help people affected by cancer to cope with their situation. We offer a caring, friendly environment which respects and supports people in the choices they make, resourced predominantly by volunteers working alongside fully qualified therapists.

We receive no funding and rely on the generosity and goodwill of our members, the local community and the hard work of our volunteers. We are extremely thankful for your support, and generous £500 donation that will enable us to support more people and families affected by Cancer. Facebook: Twitter:

Street Trees

Five year street tree planting programme

The Association has noted that quite a number of street trees have been removed due to their deteriorating condition. The policy for Council owned trees is that if a tree is removed due to subsidence it will not normally be replaced at the same location. However if it was removed due to being diseased then they would consider planting a replacement.

The Council’s Trees and Woodlands Department have recently recruited an Officer to develop and deliver a Five Year Street Planting Programme which will address the Council’s tree stock that has been lost, and therefore this Programme will look at re-stocking empty tree pits. This tree planting programme forms part of the Council’s objective to deliver a greener and cleaner (pollution) borough in line with the new Air Quality Action Plan 2017 – 2022.

In response to a request by the Sanderstead Residents’ Association, the Council welcomes residents to email their tree requests which will then be considered during the five year planting programme (April 2018 to March 2023).

Contact Email Address: [email protected]

SRA supports planning campaign

Sanderstead Residents Association is supporting the campaign started by Alex Toogood to promote legal action against Croydon Council's planning department and the building company "Brick by Brick". Read the report in the Croydon Advertiser

New Train Timetable comes into force on 20th May

In a spectacular boost for Croydon, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), which runs Thameslink and Southern services, has promised four times as many services as present on some routesin an upcoming timetable shake-up from 2am on Sunday, May 20 following major consultation.

We are pleased to see the years this Conservative government has spent pushing for improved rail services for residents rewarded - with particular credit going to Croydon South MP Chris Philp for his tireless advocacy, and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling for his hard work pressing GTR to get it together.

The changes being introduced include:

  • Thameslink is introducing two new services from East Croydon to its current schedule, with two trains per hour going to Peterborough and one to Cambridge every day.
  • East Croydon will see four times as many services to Blackfriars during peak morning hours.
  • There will be an increase to two trains per hour from East Croydon for anyone heading to Reigate, and an increase to five trains per hour for people travelling to Brighton.
  • Norwood Junction is set to get an increase in services, including an all-day-long Thameslink service to Bedford, which stops at Blackfriars and St Pancras.
  • South Croydon will receive an extra service to London Bridge.

The initial target is for 22 trains an hour to run through London, with this increasing to 24 an hour by December 2019. The system could eventually be used even more widely.

We are sure residents across Croydon will feel the benefits of this much-needed overhaul and investment, and hope it will mark the beginning of a bright new chapter in Croydon's history.

Councillor Tim Pollard

A new Head Teacher for Warlingham Park School

Mrs Sarah Buist has been appointed to be the new Headteacher at Warlingham Park School with effect from 1st September 2018. The present Headteacher, Mr Michael Donald will be retiring at the end of this academic year after 25 years of dedicated service to the school. Read more...

Points to consider if approached by a developer

Riddlesdown Residents' Association website has useful information about what a householder should consider if approached by a developer wishing to buy their home.

New petition about Brick by Brick

A second petition against Croydon Council's building company "Brick by Brick" has been issued. The petition can be found on this address

Petition wording: “We, the undersigned, have lost faith in the current administrations Planning Committee and Planning Department. Planning should be a collective enterprise, yet the valid concerns of Residents, of the London Borough of Croydon, have been ignored and, additionally, Residents have been restricted from taking part in debates that should be shaping our communities. Since 2014, decisions made by the Planning Committee have appeared to be partial, partisan and predetermined, angering existing Residents and the voting public across the entire Borough.

We believe the process has not been conducted in an "independent, reasoned and transparent manner"

We question the conflict of interests within the Planning and Housing departments, which may be legal but appear dubious.

The public concerns have been ignored in an attempt to satisfy a housing quota. We appreciate & support the need for more housing and 'affordable' homes but development must be sustainable, ensuring that such developments do not mean increased suffering for current and future residents.

We call for a full meeting of the Council to discuss openly all of the Brick by Brick projects.

We request that the full council meeting, or an independent review, hear the petitions and objections against each of the planning applications in question - giving us, the residents, greater and more reasonable time to speak and be heard.

We call for the launch of a thorough, impartial review of all Planning Department guidance and Committee decisions on Brick by Brick developments to:

  • Reduce the overcrowding, invasive designs & invasion of privacy
  • Consider our Communities’ delicate social infrastructure.
  • Ensure architecture and design is in keeping with local buildings and the community's identity
  • Consider the significant impact in the loss of parking spaces caused by their forced removal and the significant increase in demand caused by the new homes.
  • Ensure that developments are not within a flood zone/investigation area.
  • Ensure all future planning meetings are chaired fairly, free from partisan pressure, with common sense prevailing."

Selsdon Park Medical Practice needs your help

The Selsdon Park Medical Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) was established to strengthen the relationship between the Practice and its Patients. The PPG committee consists of up to twelve members who meet regularly to discuss the services on offer and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. The make up of the committee should reflect that of the patient body but at the present time the committee lacks representation from those aged under 45 years (including young parents), carers, disabled and other homebound individuals who find it difficult to attend regular meetings. The committee intends to set up a reference group to involve these patient categories by inviting subjects for discussion and seeking comment on agendas prior to meetings. If you are a patient of the practice and would like to be included in this reference group or if you would like to raise any practice issues you can contact the committee at their email address: [email protected] or through reception at the surgery.

3rd Sanderstead Brownies are looking for more adult volunteers

The 3rd Sanderstead Brownies is 90 years old this year. But they could close unless enough volunteers step forward to help run the group. Read more

Neighbourhood Watch appeals for help and donations

There is a real risk that Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch will have to close at the end of April due to a lack of short-term funding. At a time of such concern about crime in our borough this would be a serious development. We are therefore writing to ask you to make a donation to keep the Charity going... Read the full details here.

To continue to function the CBNWA is also looking for a part-time administrator. The attached job specification outlines what is needed. Due to the financial situation of the charity, the paid part-time position would be on a 3 month basis (if funding were to be received this would be extended). If you are interested in the role please email Katie Moorie on [email protected] by 15th February as you would need to be available for a handover on Friday 16th February.

Sanderstead Road Car Park Under Threat!

Council plans to replace Sanderstead Road car park with 20 flats – and no residents’ parking.

The Council’s in-house development company Brick By Brick is planning to close the car park on Sanderstead Road and in its place erect a 4/5 storey building with 20-22 flats, and provision for few car spaces for the new residents. There would be a permanent loss of about 25 parking spaces in this very popular car park, while at the same time the local demand for car spaces will be massively increased as a result of the influx of new residents.

The car park is used both by local train commuters and by customers of the shops opposite the car park, and its loss would surely be a blow to the local community. One way of retaining some car parking spaces would be if most of the building was up on stilts, leaving part of the ground floor still available for parking, and no doubt there are many other planning options.

Further details of this proposal may be found in the Croydon section of the website.

Two articles examine the objections to this development:

This site is in Purley ward so do contact the local councillors if you have any queries or questions. The shops are in Croham ward and interestingly St Mary’s Road is in Sanderstead. It is the junction of three wards.

Simon Brew - [email protected] 07803 618096

Badsha Quadir - [email protected] 07956 537023

Donald Speakman - [email protected] 07710 183672

Planning Application for 11 Briton Hill Road

Aventier have a number of pending planning applications in Sanderstead to demolish single dwelling homes and build blocks of flats, the latest of these is at 11 Briton Hill Road (3 storey block of nine flats). They are in residential ‘house only’ roads and in addition to being completely out of character with the surrounding properties they will worsen parking, stretch local amenities further, etc. If you can help support by objecting to the council we would appreciate it. This directly affects us, the next one might be you, please help before a precedent is set. Deadline is 20th Dec to object, details below. or write to the council. More information here

Beware offers too good to be true

Trading Standards Alert: Rogue Traders Operating in Croydon

Beware offers too good to be true.

Croydon Trading Standards have received a report about leaflets being put through doors in the Riddlesdown area. The leaflets advise that someone will be calling at homes in the area to offer free valuations of valuable items.

Trading Standards advise consumers to proceed with caution:

  1. If you are thinking of selling a valuable item, ensure you use a known and reputable source.
  2. Check them out with trade associations, etc, before approaching them for a valuation.
  3. Get several valuations to ensure that you are going to receive a fair price.
  4. Do not be rushed into selling your item, you may sell it for far less than the item is worth.
  5. Remember, that when someone calls at your door you do not really know who they are.
  6. Be cautious about letting a stranger into your home and showing them your valuables and where they are kept.
  7. Persons entering your home will also have the opportunity to see your home security, etc.

As always, Trading Standards advise consumers not to buy or sell at the door

Keeping your memory strong

Sanderstead Residents' Association is a dementia friendly organisation, and keen to bring to our members information about maintaining good mental health as well as spotting the signs of early dementia. Read the information provided by Croydon BME forum representative Anna D'Agostino.

Westfield is finally coming to Croydon!"

It was confirmed on 14th November that the critical Westfield Shopping Centre scheme in Croydon town centre will now go ahead, with work due to start by the end of next year. The project will help to transform the town centre, create 7,000 jobs and entails building 1,000 new flats on the site as well. The Westfield shopping centre will be similar to the existing ones in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush, and will stand on the site of the current Whitgift centre. Further details are at:

This is fantastic news for Croydon. It will provide world-leading retail facilities in the town centre, and act as a spur to other much-needed regeneration projects there. We are hopeful that John Lewis will be confirmed as the anchor store before too long.

Call blockers for people with dementia

Many of us suffer with the problem of nuisance calls on our phones, but this can be a particular problem for people with dementia. To help with this the government is providing funding for call blockers to tackle this issue. Free call blockers will be available to anyone living with dementia who is currently suffering from scam or nuisance calls.

To get a FREE call blocking device YES should be answered to the following:

  1. Do you or the person you are applying for receive nuisance and scam calls?
  2. Does the person who would like the call blocker have dementia?
If you answered yes to the above then please apply at

Download a copy of the latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter here

Residents form a group to fight proposed developments in the area - Read the report in the Croydon Advertiser

Changes to the way Croydon Council advises residents about planning applications

The system of putting notices on lighting or telegraph poles was changed in August. Now immediate adjoining owners will be advised by letter, however should there be a footpath or alley the next property will not be informed, in fact letters could be sent to adjoining empty properties or to adjoining owners who do not appreciate the implications of the proposed application. Residents living opposite or behind the property will not be aware of the planning application.

The only means of checking planning applications in your area is to check regularly on the Council's Planning website. Croydon Council planning applications

A new planning application has been submitted for 9 or 10 apartments in Borrowdale Close on Mitchley Hill

Another planning application for flats has been submitted. This time at 48 Mitchley Hill, at the junction with Borrowdale Close. It is for the "demolition of existing and erection of a building comprising of 9 x 2 bedroom apartments with parking, secure cycle storage and bin storage and modification of an existing access". More details can be found on the Croydon Council Planning web page.

Croydon Council agree to implement 20 MPH speed limit in south of borough

The Council Members of the Traffic Management Advisory Committee, at their meeting on 9th May, 2017 considered any objections but agreed to proceed with the implementation of the 20mph speed limit. You can read the committee report on Croydon Council website

Recommended Changes to Ward Boundaries

We are looking for support of what we believe to be a sensible independent assessment of the Sanderstead Ward boundaries.

This is what the commission had to say when publishing their draft proposal in relation to Sanderstead.

“In addition to the borough-wide schemes, we received seven submissions relating to the Sanderstead area specifically. All of the submissions received supported keeping the Sanderstead area in one ward, and a number of submissions requested that Sanderstead be separate from Riddlesdown which, it was put forward, should join Purley (see paragraph 66). The submissions put forward strong evidence regarding the community links within Sanderstead, the active nature of the local organisations and associations, and the strong boundary formed by Upper Selsdon Road.

Of the five borough-wide schemes that we received, three schemes split the Sanderstead area, putting the northern part of the area into a Croham ward. The scheme put forward by the Conservative Group kept the Sanderstead area intact, maintaining the internal community links described in the submissions received. We have therefore based our proposed Sanderstead ward on the submission from the Conservative Group. We consider that this ward adheres well to the statutory criteria and accurately reflects the local community”.

This is our response

The Sanderstead Residents’ Association is pleased that the Local Government Boundary Commission have considered the views of the Sanderstead Residents’ Association and its members in the published draft recommendations.The boundaries in the recommendations accurately reflect the place of Sanderstead and is much more in line with the parish boundaries and what residents living in areas like West Hill, Ewhurst Road, Elmfield Way and many of the other roads leading up to the hard boundary with the Upper Selsdon Road feel is naturally the home of Sanderstead.

The only little piece of the map that we feel is perhaps more in line with the new South Croydon ward, which we like, as nobody ever knew where the place of Croham was, is those roads north of Essenden Road. If that small change could be made we would feel that the Commission had got our ward 100% correct!

Whilst having the opportunity to comment we think it is perfectly sensible to have a Riddlesdown and Purley Oaks ward. The hard boundary which is formed alongside the Purley Downs Golf Course brings these two areas together. We also know that there is an extremely strong Residents' Association in the area and these residents are bound by a similar postcode. The railway line forms a hard boundary between Sanderstead and Riddlesdown station.

In having the opportunity to comment on the draft recommendations as a whole, it seems that the places of Croydon are more accurately respected, particularly across the centre of Croydon which we know will be greatly intensified by the Hammerson/Westfield development bringing more homes into the centre of Croydon.

The Sanderstead Residents’ Association and its members fully support the LGBC recommendations which we feel will be good for community cohesion and the support that residents associations such as ourselves give to the people in these locations.

We are looking for Sanderstead Residents’ Association Members to email or write to the Boundary Commisson in support of this proposal and ask that a small amendment be made in terms of the boundary with the new South Croydon ward at Essenden Road.

Get in touch

The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 8 May 2017. Representations should be made:

  • By email to: [email protected].
  • Or in writing to:
    Review Officer (Croydon)
    Local Government Boundary Commission for England
    14th Floor
    Millbank Tower
    SW1P 4QP

The Commission aims to publish every response it receives during phases of consultation.  If you do not want all or any part of your response or name to be made public, you must state this clearly in the response. Any such request should explain why confidentiality is necessary.  All responses may be subject to publication or disclosure as required by law (in particular under the Freedom of Information Act 2000).

This is the last opportunity to influence the Commission's recommendations before they are finalised.

Dennis King, Chairman Sanderstead Residents’ Association

Maps and information about the boundary changes can be found here: Local Government Boundary Commission, Croydon Map and Croydon Council Boundary Review

Changes to urgent care services in Croydon

Read the full report here

Tim Wainwright RIP

Tim Wainwright 1942-2017

It is with the greatest regret and shock we have to announce that Tim Wainwright was tragically killed in a cycling accident on 1st March.

Tim joined the Sanderstead News team in 2003 undertaking the layout and design of the magazine. His ability to combine articles, photographs and advertisements raised its standard and with the recent introduction of colour the News is now a very highly admired Residents' Association magazine.

Tim was an excellent photographer and his front cover photos of Sanderstead landmarks and activities coaxed the reader to examine further.

Tim came across as a quiet and very helpful person, wishing to contribute his skills to the best of his undoubted ability. We will miss Tim’s contribution to the production of the magazine and his calm and friendly personality.

We send our deepest condolences to Pauline.

Sanderstead Memorial Hall

Sanderstead Memorial Hall was built as a tribute to the men and women who died or served their country in the First World War. The hall was opened in June 1922 by Vice Admiral A.F.B. Carpenter VC of Zeebrugge fame. The Sanderstead Hall Association was formed in 1923 to manage the hall. The hall is used as a facility for residents of Sanderstead and, subject to availability and proposed use, may be hired. It is used on a regular basis for various activities by several groups. These include:

  • The Cavat School of Dance
  • Castle Day Nursery
  • Dog Training Class
  • Beeches Badminton Club

The hall is managed on a daily basis by Caroline Hubbard and overseen by a small, volunteer committee who meet twice a year to review the management of the hall and any refurbishments necessary. We would like to see a few more volunteers join this small committee and continue the work of this facility in Sanderstead.

If you are interested and would like to find out more please contact Caroline Hubbard on 07775 680087

Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian Hall now available for hire

Now available for hire: The Clubhouse at Trinity Sanderstead Sports and Social Club is set in tranquil surroundings, overlooking playing fields at the end of Lime Meadow Avenue. With a large free car park and its proximity to bus routes, it is the perfect venue for classes and clubs, rehearsals, parties, wakes, sporting events and business meetings. If you are interested in hiring The Clubhouse for a function or a regular booking please call 07582 910094 or email [email protected]

Croydon Council's "Croydon Plan"

Croydon Council has produced a multi page plan which is available online, on this link detailing their proposals for the future management of Croydon and it's environment.

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